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Special Teeth Whitening Offer

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Special Teeth Whitening Offer

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  • Our system is the most advanced teeth whitening technology in the world, even if you had a billion pound to spend on teeth whitening equipment you cant get better equipment than this.
  • This is not a gimmick LED teeth whitening system, this is a 'Class 1' medical device and is used by all the top dentists in the USA and accross the world.
  • There are only two companies that offer professional laser teeth whitening equipment systems: Zoom and Beyond - we use 'Beyond'
  • This is the most advanced teeth whitening treatment currently available.

Client Testimony - Sue Daniels

I admit: I may not have taken the best care of my teeth over the years. So they got yellower than I would have liked. Luckily Beyond came along, and with their advanced technology, gave me a chance to wipe out some of the stains I’ve added to my teeth over the years.

Sue Daniels | Teeth Whitening Success

Sue Daniels Tooth Whitening Before and After



Client Testimony - Alana Thomas

I had heard a lot of buzz about whitening. A lot of my friends had gotten it done. But I didn’t want a lot of hassles or to change my day-to-day routine. That’s what was great about Beyond. Only a little over a half hour and I was done, and my teeth reached B1, the whitest shade on the scale!

Alana Thomas Teeth Whitening Success

Alana Thomas Tooth Bleaching Before and After