OneSmile Teeth Whitening treatments
How does it work?
Teeth whitening is a simple, fast and non invasive cosmetic treatment producing immediate visible results.  With the use of modern technology, the combination of specially formulated whitening gel and Beyond Whitening accelerator, years of tooth staining can be wiped away in just 1 hour.

Laser teeth whitening is the fastest and safest way to whiten teeth and causes no damage to either the structure of the tooth or the gums.

Oxygen is the only thing that can actually whiten your teeth! 99% of tooth whitening products don’t actually whiten your teeth, they merely clean them…….it is a common mistake to confuse whitening your teeth with a process that only cleans your teeth.

To understand teeth whitening you must firstly have a basic understanding of the structure of the tooth and how staining occurs.

Normal Tooth

The outermost part of your teeth consists of a translucent layer of highly ordered hydroxyapatite, a mineral made up of calcium phosphate.  This protective layer known as enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body.  Underneath it lies dentine, an off-white matrix of amorphous calcium phosphate and collagen that surrounds the blood vessels and nerves that nourish your teeth.  Light passing through the enamel (dentine tubes) is reflected by the dentine, giving your teeth their pearly white colour.

There are two types of staining, extrinsic and intrinsic staining.

Extrinsic staining is basically where there is dirt on the outside of the enamel which can be treated with the use of a good whitening tooth paste.

Intrinsic staining is where over time coloured molecules and dark pigments found in various foods, drinks and cigarettes etc, penetrate through the enamel staining deep into the dentine tubes and staining the actual dentine of the tooth.  It is this process that gives your tooth a yellow/brown hue.

The science behind laser teeth whitening is not as complex as you may think, in fact the procedure is very simple; the whitening gel with a neutral pH level placed onto the surface of your teeth, the gel has a special formulated mineral accelerant that when exposed to the specially tuned frequency of light provided by the cold laser light, creates a chemical reaction within the gel turning the whitening gel into oxygen at a high rate.  As the gel turns into oxygen it opens the pours in the enamel of your teeth allowing the whitening gel to penetrate through the dentine tubes of the enamel and into the dentine of your tooth, thus actually changing the colour of your teeth into a bright natural white.

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tooth whitening with onesmile

  • Our system is the most advanced teeth whitening technology in the world, even if you had a billion pound to spend on teeth whitening equipment you cant get better equipment than this.
  • This is not a gimmick LED teeth whitening system, this is a 'Class 1' medical device and is used by all the top dentists in the USA and accross the world.
  • There are only two companies that offer professional laser teeth whitening equipment systems: Zoom and Beyond - we use 'Beyond'
  • This is the most advanced teeth whitening treatment currently available.