OneSmile Teeth Whitening treatments
How Long Will The Results Last?

Great White Smile many companies will tell you that the results will last at least two years if not longer, we are here to tell the truth and that any dentist or whitening technicians who guarantees you this is flat out lying to you!!! Yes in theory once you have your teeth whitened, the results will last for many years…..that is if you never eat, drink or smoke cigarettes again!

The truth is your lifestyle is what will govern how long the results will last.

A good way to describe this situation is to compare your teeth to a white fur coat.  When you first purchase the coat it is very white and even though you may clean the coat regularly, at some point you will have to bleach the coat to attain the original colour.

After you have your teeth whitened, your teeth will be very white.  To maintain this level of whiteness you will have to top up with Top-Up Treatments as and when needed if not, six to nine months after the treatment you will notice your teeth are a shade or two darker.  Now they will not revert back to your original shade of whiteness from before the treatment for a good few years depending on your lifestyle.

We know this for a fact as we see it first hand and speak to many, many disgruntled clients who have paid vast amounts of money to a dentist who assured them that the results would last for two years yet six months down the line the results have diminished.

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  • Our system is the most advanced teeth whitening technology in the world, even if you had a billion pound to spend on teeth whitening equipment you cant get better equipment than this.
  • This is not a gimmick LED teeth whitening system, this is a 'Class 1' medical device and is used by all the top dentists in the USA and accross the world.
  • There are only two companies that offer professional laser teeth whitening equipment systems: Zoom and Beyond - we use 'Beyond'
  • This is the most advanced teeth whitening treatment currently available.