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As young children, all of our teeth are white, and our smiles sparkle. Over the years, however, we eat coloured foods, we drink coffee and tea, or smoke cigarettes and stains build up in our teeth. Regular tooth cleanings can remove some of these stains, on the surface of the teeth, but other stains are deeper, in the structure of the teeth. These stains require Beyond “power” whitening to remove. The whitening formula from the Beyond Whitening Kit penetrates into the teeth through the dentin tubes. It is activated by Beyond’s cold light, and as the oxygen molecules rapidly break down, powerful chemical processes destroy stains deep in the teeth, wiping away dark compounds that conventional cleanings cannot touch.

The Beyond Teeth Whitening System - Special Offer Only £99 (normally £395)

All treatments are carried out by the Beyond Teeth Whitening System, which is not only the most advanced in the world it is also the most popular Tooth whitening Systems in the World. It has been used safely by millions of patients. Our whitening lamp contains the most advanced filtering system in the industry, removing all harmful UV and infrared light. Our “cold light” used together with our specially formulated whitening gel nearly eliminates sensitivity. The Beyond procedure is the quickest, gentlest, most effective way to wipe years of stains off your smile. It only takes 1 hour to dazzle your friends and colleagues with your sparkling Beyond smile and is available in Havant, Hampshire and Surrounding Areas!

White Smile

  • ONLY £99 (Limited Offer, Normally £395)
  • Treatment up to 1 hour
  • Please note the whitening accelerator we use is a class one medical device & is the most advanced technology available.  We do not use a gimmick unit of matrix LED lights as used by other companies!
  • Just 1 hour to wipe away years of staining leaving you with the bright white smile you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Up to 14 shades whiter in just one treatment (Genuine average of 6 shades whiter).
  • More advanced, safer & a fraction of the cost of zoom teeth whitening!
  • Getting your teeth whitened has never been easier with

Let us give you the perfect smile!

tooth whitening with onesmile

  • Our system is the most advanced teeth whitening technology in the world, even if you had a billion pound to spend on teeth whitening equipment you cant get better equipment than this.
  • This is not a gimmick LED teeth whitening system, this is a 'Class 1' medical device and is used by all the top dentists in the USA and accross the world.
  • There are only two companies that offer professional laser teeth whitening equipment systems: Zoom and Beyond - we use 'Beyond'
  • This is the most advanced teeth whitening treatment currently available.